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How to remove the side airbag?

Disassembly of airbags in a car is not a difficult task – even an amateur can handle it. However, there are some basic rules that will avoid trouble. Airbags are an element of increased safety in the event of an accident. Sometimes, however, you can get the impression that they run for no particular reason. […]

Rodent in spray

Once a nuisance to the inhabitants of rural and suburban settlements, today they are often even in large cities. Speaking of rodents, of course, they especially liked the engine compartments in our cars. The solution may be available on the market preparations in a spray. Warm in the sun, the mask of the car in […]

The fastest way to rejuvenate the look of your car

How fast and for a small money to rejuvenate the look of the car? Do it yourself and without having to use specialized tools? Is it possible? Cars are getting old pretty fast. On the one hand, this is due to their wear and tear, which results in the appearance of various blemishes on their […]

Ways to verify the car’s progress

One of the most common practices used by rogue car dealers is to manipulate the mileage. Luckily, the buyer can evaluate and verify the vehicle history. So why not get lost when you buy a car? Logical evaluation of the course For some cars, the logic itself indicates an increased probability of manipulating the vehicle’s […]

How to protect the paint?

The most effective ways of protecting the paintwork are to protect it not only from the adverse effects of the weather but also from mechanical damage. Such features include both protective films and coatings. So what to choose? Caring for the paint Car paint is not enough that it is in constant exposure to possible […]

How does a turbine with variable geometry work?

High competition in the automotive industry is a driving force for the development of new technologies in the field of engine topping. One of the most interesting is the turbocharger with variable geometry. What is its effect and why is it more effective? Turbine and its impact on performance The use of a turbocharger-based turbocharger […]

Replacing the steering wheel

In every car we find elements that are subjected to a greater load, which wear out faster. What to do when this element is the steering wheel? Let’s see what the damage Before we decide whether the steering wheel must be replaced its real condition. If the skin is covered, see if it is damaged, […]

Best pads Car

It looks almost no different from the usual, and supporters of car tuning gladly would see them in their cars. What is the truth about high-performance brake pads? All pads – both road and Competition – comprising a carrier plate and friction material. They also have a similar task: to brake the car. However, the […]

The problem with the power steering.

Although a few years ago was considered a rarity or was completely unnecessary, today is a standard component of every vehicle. Talking about power steering. How to deal with problems with its functioning? (26-02-2017) Fender abrasion at the exit of the underground garage, the door hit another car in a crowded parking lot, the unexpected […]

How to fix a scratch on a car

Scratches on the paint are a nuisance every driver and their removal is very expensive. What measures can be applied so as not to strain the contents of the portfolio? (26-02-2017) Scratches on the body not only look unsightly, but also reduce the value of the car. They can also lead to the formation of […]