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Replacing the steering wheel

In every car we find elements that are subjected to a greater load, which wear out faster. What to do when this element is the steering wheel? Let’s see what the damage Before we decide whether the steering wheel must be replaced its real condition. If the skin is covered, see if it is damaged, […]

Best pads Car

It looks almost no different from the usual, and supporters of car tuning gladly would see them in their cars. What is the truth about high-performance brake pads? All pads – both road and Competition – comprising a carrier plate and friction material. They also have a similar task: to brake the car. However, the […]

The problem with the power steering.

Although a few years ago was considered a rarity or was completely unnecessary, today is a standard component of every vehicle. Talking about power steering. How to deal with problems with its functioning? (26-02-2017) Fender abrasion at the exit of the underground garage, the door hit another car in a crowded parking lot, the unexpected […]

How to fix a scratch on a car

Scratches on the paint are a nuisance every driver and their removal is very expensive. What measures can be applied so as not to strain the contents of the portfolio? (26-02-2017) Scratches on the body not only look unsightly, but also reduce the value of the car. They can also lead to the formation of […]

Low profile tires

Low profile tires for years associated with cars of the characteristics of sport. Lowered suspension and wide tires and low are also domain tuning. Low profile tires add sports sanding cars, which were originally ordinary or sedans. (26-02-2017) Instead of using a marker or emulsion, you can also make yourself a small putty lacquer. To […]

How disinfect car?

There are rare cases that upon entering the car, the driver or the passenger start coughing. Most often blamed for air conditioning, if immediately after starting the car is enabled. And sometimes it is justified. Another time we find in our car odor and can not find its source, because, for example, the engine tried […]

Auto body repair

Who of us wanting to leave their car in the crowded parking lot or near a high curb not quite properly calculated the power steering and thus caught his vehicle about standing next to the car or said curb? It is difficult to avoid such situations, and minor scratches happen to virtually anyone. Fortunately, there […]

Car paint scratch repair – London

There is nothing more annoying than a heavily soiled paint recently purchased, smelling the freshness of the car. Stains, acid rain, the remnants of bitumen or resins plant not only unsightly, but they are also difficult to remove. It is they who Season’s heart beat faster and nervousness reaching its zenith. Are there effective ways […]