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It looks almost no different from the usual, and supporters of car tuning gladly would see them in their cars. What is the truth about high-performance brake pads?

All pads – both road and Competition – comprising a carrier plate and friction material. They also have a similar task: to brake the car. However, the similarities end, because already the same materials used to produce them vary considerably.

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In conventional brake blocks for use in road cars sheet supporting elements – the plate, optionally the interlayer – they are joined with an adhesive. It is a simple enough solution, as the risk is normally close to zero – a driver traveling on the road rarely is forced to brake suddenly at high speeds, and even then the temperature generated by the friction shoe and the blade does not exceed 400 ° C. In the case of rally cars, the situation is quite different – the development of high-speed and delayed braking is a chance to win and warming pads up to 900 ° C does not surprise anyone. In such extreme conditions, the glue is not enough. Automobile paint suppliers can repair your car.

Also, in the case of a mixture of friction difference it is quite large – racing drivers require that the brake pads not yield (in terms of decline in braking performance), because the material of which is made of the friction element must be of the highest quality. For ordinary drivers is important comfort – blocks should suffice for tens of thousands of kilometers does not charge too discs, not dusting and do not squeal. In the case of blocks, these parameters have great significance and in principle each of these issues is the opposite – quickly reach and use, they do not have that prevent squeaking with gentle braking.

Why the driver decide to brake pads?

Competition pads are not suitable for traffic, but their manufacture came out to meet the expectations of drivers of ordinary cars, the basic version of the blocks. The reason was basically one. For the part of the driver installation in the only opportunity to adapt the braking to the driving style. In the case of ordinary bricks producers do not take into account individual preferences of the driver. This privilege preserved for drivers of sports (due to the deceleration time and the load accompanying him, which could turn the tide).

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