The fastest way to rejuvenate the look of your car

How fast and for a small money to rejuvenate the look of the car? Do it yourself and without having to use specialized tools? Is it possible?

Cars are getting old pretty fast. On the one hand, this is due to their wear and tear, which results in the appearance of various blemishes on their ideal surface. Paint loses its color and shine, resulting in splinters and scratches. Plastics tarnish and black make up gray. The glow of chrome elements disappears.

On the other hand, in recent years more and more car models have appeared on the market. The ones that are manufactured are modernized every 3 years, gently changing their appearance. On average, the model is on the market from 4 to 6 years, then it is time to introduce the next generation. And that makes cars get older even faster.

During the operation of the car also uses its interior – rubbing upholstery, paint the plastics, signs of wear can be seen on the steering wheel and on the bellows of the gearbox. In addition, it is constantly on the road to novelty in the field of electronics and multimedia, which makes the equipment as modern cars quickly become obsolete.

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How to rejuvenate your car without spending much?

No wonder that many car owners are looking for simple and effective solutions, in addition to cheap, to help rejuvenate the look of the car. Especially for them, we have prepared a shortlist of proposals that will make the car look brighter, more modern and … younger. We will not go back to the counter or consumption. We will not recommend wonderful remedies, which after one use rejuvenate the engine and gearbox. They just do not exist. So we start.

What will we need? A bit of time, good intentions, a simple screwdriver, and a good two-component adhesive.


Where do we start? We wash the car, exactly. First, we wash the dirt with a stream of water, then thoroughly wash the car with a sponge (not brush, because it draws) with a good wax shampoo. If you do not want to work too hard, then after spraying, spray the entire body with wet spray wax. If we want to work and achieve the effect of the mirror, we use a body lotion, with a lot of synthetic wax and other ingredients. If the vehicle has cracks on the bodywork, then we try to mask it with a colored wax or a special painting paste. You need to polish it, but for small drawings, the effect is always good.


Now we are taking the spotlights. In most cars, the lenses lose their transparency, they become yellowish, unnatural, which additionally hampers the flow of light from the bulbs. Meanwhile, the solution is simple. A small package of polishing headlights, a cloth and a few minutes of sharp polishing. Hands may hurt, but the effect will be really satisfactory. Rather, we do not recommend the use of electrical equipment such as mechanical polishing or polishing wheels mounted on a screwdriver. An amateur can use such equipment so damage the paint that will only help the professional paintman.


We go on. If the car has some chrome elements – barbecue, decorative slats, slats by the windows, then we use them to polish the chrome elements. Should regain the glow. If the car does not have chrome slats, you can easily buy them (original) or even glue them yourself. Internet auctions are easy to find self-adhesive chrome trim. Chromed elements are also available for posts, cut to the exact dimensions of specific models. It is in their case to use a two-component adhesive to keep them well.

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