How disinfect car?

There are rare cases that upon entering the car, the driver or the passenger start coughing. Most often blamed for air conditioning, if immediately after starting the car is enabled. And sometimes it is justified. Another time we find in our car odor and can not find its source, because, for example, the engine tried to sleep a living creature (an example from real life). From time to time in the car disinfection, it requires almost everything – not only air but all the channels, upholstery, rugs and plastic parts.

(26-02-2017) Everyone probably met this problem at home. On our beloved car appeared scratches which disfigure our car. Depending on the type of scratches are other methods to remove them. Therefore, at the beginning we should see how the defect on the body. Best to pass on sheet fingernail. If the scratch is not very deep and large, we can use crayons to paint. Unfortunately, the effect usually withstand a few car wash or a few rains.

It is necessary to carry out periodically not only refresh the air conditioning but for the whole car. Except that generally different in this respect we treat the personal car, and differently, for example, used to carry food or animals. In the latter case, disinfection is required before loading. There is a need for this documentation. Some activities related to disinfection can do you, but part of the work (even cleaning air conditioning) should perform specialist. There are many ways – by chemical agents, by using the ozone generator, deodorization, hot steam.

ozone generators

Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms and is a gas harmless to humans unless we are dealing with a very large its concentration. It has strong disinfectant properties and therefore works as an air freshener car interior, effectively reaches every, even the smallest recess. One way is to use a car disinfecting ozone generators. These devices not only effectively, fighting microbes and rodents, but also eliminate odors. Commercially available ozone generators have different shapes and scales.

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