How to fix a scratch on a car

Scratches on the paint are a nuisance every driver and their removal is very expensive. What measures can be applied so as not to strain the contents of the portfolio?

(26-02-2017) Scratches on the body not only look unsightly, but also reduce the value of the car. They can also lead to the formation of rust – especially when damage reaches deep and covers a large surface. In this case, ask the experts, who respectively recoat and secure surface. However, if the scratch is not that big, you can try to remove it yourself with the preparations.

Scratches on the car – or avoid them?

The body of the car, despite appearances, is delicate on the effects of some factors. One of them is in contact with a relatively sharp-pointed tool, the result of which are formed cracks. Almost every driver literally breathes and blows to his car was scratched, but in fact, their total avoidance is not possible.

Even the most durable paint is not indestructible and is some kind of damage. Cracks often occur accidentally, When opening the car key. At a time when basically every car has a central locking and alarm, hardly anyone uses a traditional lock, but formerly the key slid and often leave scars on the paint.

Scratches also often occur when parking or even if the car has long standing. Especially in tight car parks or housing estates of the supermarket, where everyone in a hurry wants to find a free space.

Scratch on the paint – or painter is the only way?

You have to admit honestly that services painter definitely not the cheapest. Even a small scratch will you pay dearly, especially that almost always treated the subject element, not only the damaged section. The reason for such actions is enormous difficulty in exactly hidden features and maintain a uniform color to paint additionally imposed. For the painting of one element can pay a few hundred gold, painting the entire car is at least several thousand.

But there are other methods that should not strain your budget more than about a few dozen gold. It is worth to mention crayon scratches on the paint, emulsion, and wax.

Before you use any of the preparations, you must first properly prepare the surface. You will need to certainly thorough washing of the body, which will remove the older preparations used for maintenance. But that still is not all; before starting the actual work, crack and its surroundings should be clean and solid. Thanks applied by means of the longer you keep durability, and the total effect will look much better.

Remember, however, that none of the short-term preparations will give you this effect, as a visit to the painter. Some of the products on the market provide only a temporary hiding scratches, which again becomes apparent at the first visit to the car wash. Hot water and active foam remove pigment particles contained in the coating. Therefore, part of the funds is used mainly before selling the car to hide any imperfections.

Note the use of the car wash for the lifetime. Automatic position with hard brushes or washing under high pressure has an adverse effect on paint and create scratches, which with time become increasingly apparent. From the point of view of the best paint is washing the car a soft brush and sponge at home.

Scratches on the paintwork

Marker to figure car seemingly resembles an ordinary crayon. Prior to its use, of course, to prepare the car. The key phase is the selection of an appropriate color, rarely can match the tone perfectly, this usually happens only with primary colors. Remember, too, that not always suggest the directory designations, especially for older cars. With age, the paint changes its color gently and often the better effect is achieved by making a selection on the eye than learning indicators manufacturer. The mere imposition of a child’s basically a simple procedure, just paint the pencil scratch. The end result is decent and allows you to mask the damage not too deep. The downside pens to paint the average durability, so it is rather a way of postponing the visit to the painter than the constant adjustment of the surface of the body. Physically impossible will also use crayons to large areas.

Emulsion paint

It works by masking features through its excellent polishing. There is, therefore, no sharp edges and well hidden too extensive damage. The advantage of this type of product is certainly durability that surpasses that offered by the manufacturers of pens to Fig. The emulsion has a major drawback, however, because it does not hide the chips. If you are interested in purchasing the emulsion, you have to reckon with the expense of several dozen golds.


This method is the most time consuming of these, however, it gives very good results. Masks of both crack and splinters, perfectly refresh the paint, not by staining it with this. Often, in the first phase it is necessary and so the use of pencils on the paint Fig. Further polishing requires a lot of work, which may deter some. Still, it certainly is a solution much more cost effective than a visit to a painter, although durability applied layer can not be compared with professional services.

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