Low profile tires

Low profile tires for years associated with cars of the characteristics of sport. Lowered suspension and wide tires and low are also domain tuning. Low profile tires add sports sanding cars, which were originally ordinary or sedans.

(26-02-2017) Instead of using a marker or emulsion, you can also make yourself a small putty lacquer. To do this, check the paint code, which was covered with bodywork (information is located on the rating plate of the car or is able to decrypt the VIN), then buy new paint. There are even car lacquers in kit form with a brush, to facilitate application of the formulation on features.

The dynamically growing tire industry now offers a wide selection of tires diversified that we can install in our cars. How to correctly choose the tires for the car and their own preferences? And what type is best suited to the long holiday trip? In this article, we will try to find an answer to these questions.

What is the profile of the tire?

The profile is the ratio of the tire width to its height. For tires with the lowest profile include those whose height is only 30, and even 20 percent in width. The car with the tires a little different, and the wheels pointed out even casual observers. It is generally accepted, however, that low profile tires are those whose height is no more than 55 percent of the width. The most important are, of course, choose the appropriate tires for wheels and steering the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Deciding on the extremely low tire, we are forced to replace the rims, the size of the whole wheel remained unchanged. Such an operation is best to consult with a specialist because the use of low-profile tires is associated with specific changes in the of the car.

The advantages of low-profile tires

First of all, low profile tires give better grip of the car to the ground. Also reduced is the center of gravity of the vehicle, and resulting in improved cornering. By reducing of offset side of the car, the vehicle can overcome turns at higher speeds without losing traction. Also, the braking distance is reduced and the brakes seem to react more dynamically. All the advantages of low-profile tires clearly indicate that it is in sport, they are most commonly used. Tires of this type, however, is increasingly being factory fitted in production cars. A Strong car with a sporty character is equipped with low-profile tires, which allow you to fully utilize the capabilities of the machine. With the development of the automotive industry and the launch of public cars with huge performance, increased demand for low profile tires. Currently, we have to choose very many opportunities, and the individual tire models differ not only in height but also used a mix of rubber tread and traction properties. Low-profile tires have in addition a number of attractive visual features. By emphasizing the wheels changed is the look of the car, and attractive tread becomes immediately noticeable. That is why the tires of this type have been used for years by fans.

The disadvantages of low-profile tires

The use of tires with a low profile in addition to the obvious advantages is also associated with disadvantages. Significantly worsens ride comfort on rough roads, because of low tire worse cushion vehicle. This translates into a greater load on the suspension and may result in a shorter service life of individual components. In addition, the car can handle worse with cornering during heavy precipitation. From the wide tires, it is much harder to drain water effectively. Therefore, low-profile tires are more susceptible to the phenomenon and thus slide on a “water cushion” for the resulting tires. On wet surfaces will also be longer braking distance tires compared to tires. Fortunately, a very dynamic development of innovative technologies recently helped greatly reduce the disadvantages of low-profile tires. Rubber treads have ever-more sophisticated models, whose job it is just better drainage. However, you should be aware of all the risks associated with the use of low-profile tires.

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