How to remove the side airbag?

Disassembly of airbags in a car is not a difficult task – even an amateur can handle it. However, there are some basic rules that will avoid trouble.

Airbags are an element of increased safety in the event of an accident. Sometimes, however, you can get the impression that they run for no particular reason. This is not only the case of airbags of the driver or passenger but also the side airbags. Fortunately, to remove the latter, you do not need special skills. Sufficient basic tools and some knowledge.

Security over everything

The basic principle to be followed when disassembling an airbag is to unplug the battery. Fortunately, to do this, you do not need to remove the entire battery. All you need to do is unfasten one claw, and you need a regular socket or eye socket of the right size. Of course, the old pillow will not fire a second time, while installing a new one on a rechargeable battery may end up exploding, and its effects are dangerous.

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Where to start

After disconnecting the battery, you can proceed to disassemble the airbag. Let us remember that the design of the side airbags refers to two variants, the side airbags located in the center of the car’s pillar or the side of the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Disassembly of the second does not require more dismantling of the car, but it is not always easier.

First, we need to remove the cufflinks, which usually hold the upholstery of the chair. They are made of very delicate material and easily damaged. It is best to use an upholstery trimmer to remove them. On the market, we find many spoons in different shapes, which we can adjust to the needs.

In the case of the side airbags located in the car’s pillar, we first need to find an AIRBAG cap on it. It will be necessary to dismantle it, which can be used with a normal screwdriver or upholstery. If we succeed, we will have to unscrew the bolts under the cap. Also, use an Allen key or a suitable socket wrench. Then gently tap the latches holding the upholstery. In some car models, it is enough to reach the airbag. Sometimes, however, you will have to remove the remaining plastic covering the pillar. Once you reach the cushion, proceed as in the case of airbags mounted in the seat.

Running time of the cushions

Car manufacturers determine the life of the airbag for about 10 years. In the aftermath of this period, no cushioning will occur. If there is a traffic incident, we should not be surprised if our airbag does not start. To gain the confidence, it is best to go to the service to determine the condition of the airbag.

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