Replacing the steering wheel

In every car we find elements that are subjected to a greater load, which wear out faster. What to do when this element is the steering wheel?

Let’s see what the damage

Before we decide whether the steering wheel must be replaced its real condition. If the skin is covered, see if it is damaged, only the structure (e.g.,. Abrasions, wiping, mechanical damage) if the problem is “deeper.” Damage to the plating managers most often occurs when a driver on their fingers rings is that when performing various maneuvers hurt coating and damage its structure. If the structure is damaged, you might look for another wheel. In the case where only the coating is damaged, it is better to start the regeneration.

leather steering wheel

Regeneration leather steering wheel can be divided into two types – cleaning and security and exchange plating. The first type we can do yourself, because it requires manual skills, just a little patience. If your vehicle is equipped with leather upholstery, you might want to invest in a center called priced at around 100 pounds, which will be used both for the care of the steering wheel and upholstery. Otherwise, we can use other means, for example. Sonax Lotion cleaning skins for around 21 pounds. The second type of regeneration is the replacement of the shell, which is dismantling the old piece of leather and a new installation. This process is quite complicated, so the best solution would be to return the steering wheel in the hands of professionals. The service should not exceed 200 pounds – all depends on the material and size of the steering wheel.

Drive plastic

If our steering wheel is not a leather-covered, two options remain. The first one is the most popular, which is covered with plastic, which with the passage of time is destroying and wiping. Sorry, we can not do anything about it. It remains only to exchange for another item. The second type is a wooden steering wheel, encountered mainly in premium cars. In that case, maintenance should be done only with the help of a professional company, because the regeneration of wooden inserts used in vehicles is very difficult.

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