Rodent in spray

Once a nuisance to the inhabitants of rural and suburban settlements, today they are often even in large cities. Speaking of rodents, of course, they especially liked the engine compartments in our cars. The solution may be available on the market preparations in a spray.

Warm in the sun, the mask of the car in the evening becomes the perfect place for cats or dogs. While the first stretch with pleasure on the mask and simply sleep, the second, entering easily into the engine compartment, they have a real night party there, and the best entertainment is the biting of cables, soundproofing mats, etc. They do not like the cables filled with operating fluids, they are also reluctant to be muddy. But ignition and electric are perfect! You have to realize that getting rid of such wild tenants is not the easiest thing to do. Some people recommend home remedies – such as dog fur or cubes, and others rely on devices that emit waves that repel rodents. However, relatively quickly and cheaply, they should be able to cope with the deterrents in a spray.

How do aerosols work?

Kuny has a very strong, and at the same time sensitive, smell, so the use of fragrances, which they do not tolerate, should generally bring effects. Aerosols available on the market are usually mixtures of chemicals with very irritating properties, and often also specially selected fragrances. They are safe for cables, installations, and devices under the bonnet, most of them can also be used indoors (in garages, attics). The application itself is extremely easy – we spray the damaged components and ready. Repeat as recommended by the manufacturer (usually monthly).

Keep in mind that kunas are very cunning. It is difficult to pile on them, and once they are good they settle down – to get rid of them. It is particularly dangerous when, for example, in a kuna garage he kicks a nest for his young – then we have to use more drastic measures and assume a massive attack (with ultrasonic repellents at the head).

Before applying a spray aerosol on surfaces that have been in contact with the marten, wash them thoroughly. Just wash away the smells left by the marten and make the sprays work properly. You can try to use the washing agent, although it certainly will not do as good a result as a professional car wash or odor remover kun (eg Kemo z101).

Top 5 most effective formulas

We already know the effect of such preparations, only to find out. Here is our subjective ranking of effective sprays to deter rodents.

It is a highly effective aerosol, which, thanks to a carefully selected composition of essential oils, protects the engine compartment from cats, kunas and other rodents. Simply spray the product on the clean surface to cover the wires or odor-proof mat the rodent cannot tolerate. It is also good to spray the bottom of the car – that is, the place through which the kuna can enter the chamber. For a can of 400 ml, we will pay about 18 pounds.

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