The problem with the power steering.

Although a few years ago was considered a rarity or was completely unnecessary, today is a standard component of every vehicle. Talking about power steering. How to deal with problems with its functioning?

(26-02-2017) Fender abrasion at the exit of the underground garage, the door hit another car in a crowded parking lot, the unexpected meeting with the stooge – a moment of inattention and scratch on the body ready. Meanwhile, painting one element of the cost up to several hundred pounds. We advise so as independently to remove scratches from car paint.

Where to start?

Diagnosis of any defect or problem with the system of support should start by checking the fluid level in the system. In many cases, the lack thereof is the only fault, and hence – its solution does not consume much time and anyone can do it at low cost. Remember that you can not mix different colors, because it can lead to changes in consistency, which will bring negative effects.

In many cases, the manufacturer assist system allows the use of oil ATF designed for automatic transmissions (red). Green means the liquid mineral, while the colorless liquid indicates that we are dealing with a synthetic fluid. If the fluid level is normal, we have a closer look at the system to support. Sorry, we are not much to do alone.

The most common power steering system is hydraulic. It is equipped with a hydraulic pump which operates at all times, regardless of whether the steering movements are performed. In such a system there is a pressure valve, whose task is to maintain a high pressure in the system. The latest hydraulic systems are equipped with valves that permit fluid, and hence – the pressure in the system is reduced, resulting in an adjustment of gravity work the steering wheel to the speed of the car. If the speed is higher, the system is cured.

The downside of the hydraulic power steering is increased fuel consumption since his work requires continuous power strip, a drive unit is working all the time under load. In the case of hydraulic system failure is the most common break the bar responsible for the operation of the pump support.

If the pump is leaking, there is nothing else to be replaced. In fact, we have three ways to solve the problem. The first of these, and also the most sensible, is regeneration. Others are buying a new or used. Remember that when buying parts for our vehicle thoroughly to make sure that they fit specifically to this type of vehicle. Let’s see not only the model but also the year of manufacture and engine capacity.

Electric power steering

When our vehicle is equipped with electric power steering, be sure let’s check the fuses. Often they burn the cause of the fault. The electrical system is relatively contingency and has many advantages. One of them is a relatively simple construction. It deserves praise also reduced demand for fuel because it works only when you need it – during steering maneuvers. Very often it comes to overheating and system fault. Unfortunately, the repair requires the right knowledge, so it is best to give the car to a workshop specializing in repairing the power steering.

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