Ways to verify the car’s progress

One of the most common practices used by rogue car dealers is to manipulate the mileage. Luckily, the buyer can evaluate and verify the vehicle history. So why not get lost when you buy a car?

Logical evaluation of the course

For some cars, the logic itself indicates an increased probability of manipulating the vehicle’s history. When buying a diesel-powered car, it is difficult to expect it to go several thousand miles a year, especially if it has been leased and used by the company. Cars of this type can travel up to 40-60 thousand kilometers annually. Rarely, manipulations involve petrol engines, especially in the case of small cars, as they are mainly used in urban areas.

Consumption of interior elements

The interior of the vehicle is a real mine of evidence showing the incompatibility of the course with the actual state. These include the elements most often contacted by the hands of the driver. Pay close attention to the steering wheel, steering wheel or gear shift. At actual mileage of 200-250 thousand kilometers should show visible signs of wear and tear. However, it cannot be assessed in extreme. Even after 70-80 thousand kilometers, the steering wheel may look worse in some places than after leaving the factory. It is good to look closely at the buttons and knobs on the center console and the slots in the tunnel between the seats. These are hard to clean places, so their stubborn dirt should give you some thought, especially if the rest of the interior has been carefully redone.

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Condition of the lacquer

The lacquer finish is another trait that can prove to be the manipulation of the vehicle. I would like to check the condition of the mask. High-speed cars often move on high-speed roads, where they are much easier to damage the coating. If the surface of the mask is swirling, it’s a sign that you need to look closely at the history of the car you are interested in.

Mechanical signs of intensive use

An excessive number of kilometers traveled with respect to the meter is also reflected in the wear and tear of the mechanical components. Under the bonnet, you have to check mainly the condition of the radiator, which in the case of cars with high mileage can rust from the bottom. Distinctive ailments of used gasoline engines are the occurrence of backlash on hydraulic pushers. They appear to be the sound of a quake-like engine that stops after the oil has warmed up.

Diesel vehicles with significant mileage will generally suffer from problems with the composition of the air-fuel mixture, resulting from, for example, the consumption of injectors. In this case, it is a good idea to observe the color of exhaust fumes coming out of the exhaust when the cold engine is running just after startup. The color of gray or black does not bode well.

If possible, check the suspension before buying. Numerous traces of repairs, such as swingarms or stabilizer elements, testify not only to the concern of the previous owners but also to the intensive use.

Use of databases

For 2 years in the UK there is an obligation to record the course during the performance of compulsory registration reviews. To verify this data, just go to the history page of the car and enter the parameters of the car, such as VIN, registration number and first registration date. This way we will know what mileage the car had a year or 2 years ago.

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